What Does Real Estate Have to Do With Football? Plenty When Two Coaches’ Wives Talk About It

May 17, 2022 Uncategorized

I had the rare opportunity to interview Sally Brown, wife of Coach Mack Brown, Head Football Coach for the University of Texas Austin. Outside the limelight of Longhorn football, Sally is down to earth, a mother to the team, and savvy business woman. With a long-term career in real estate development and a millionaire many times over before marrying Mack Brown, I had to sit down and pick her brain about how to “Make It” in real estate, being a Coach’s Wife, and her life as “Ms. Sally Brown”.

Q. Where and how did you learn to properly handle a land development project from start to finish?

A. I really learned to do it by doing it. There is no other way to learn it other than just doing it. I bought a horse farm in Chapel Hill, NC thinking that I was going to raise horses. As it turned out horses are not very profitable. I got the buzz to start building houses that I had designed on the property and began dividing the lots, building roads, installing sewer and utilities and began creating a neighborhood.

Q. Tell us briefly about a project that you enjoyed the most.

A. There are two. I did a project called The Street of Dreams, 12 houses on a cul-de sac where local architects and builders competed for prizes and mainly publicity. We built multi-million dollar homes on this beautiful cul-de sac and opened it up to the public to view for a couple of weeks before the houses were sold. I really enjoyed that project. Afterwards, there was a letter to the editor that pretty much slammed meทางเข้า ufabet เว็บเดิมพันออนไลน์ saying it was an elitist project. I was angered when I read the article but then after thinking about it for a few weeks I realized that the writer was correct. It was an Elitist project and I really should do something else. So then I did a project called The Street of Hope which was the same concept but building houses for Habitat for Humanity. It was really interesting to do those two projects back to back and really fun.

Q. I understand you were a single mom at the time you build your land development and architecture business. As a fellow Coach’s wife myself, I sometimes have to operate as a single mom (especially during football season). How did you juggle your time between building a business and your family?

A. Let I tell you that sometimes not having a husband was a lot easier than having a husband as you might know. I didn’t have to worry about getting the meal on the table and all of his interests also. My boys were always a part of my business even as very young children. When they were babies, I would literally take them with me and put them on the front loader with whom ever was clearing the roads and they would just ride along. At school age they would go from school to my office and they would stay with me there until we went home for the night. In fact my youngest son is now in land development. Real estate development is in his blood. They were always a part of it.